Welcome to the Church

Welcome to the Church

Flyer in Danish

We wish to welcome you to our churches in Løsning and Korning. We hope that you will experience a warm and embracing fellowship in our congregation. And most importantly, we hope that you will experience the love of God and get to see, that through the dead of Jesus Christ on the cross, we can be saved from sin and from all the despair of this world. This message, the gospel, is for all people – not regarding nationality, language, culture, race, religious background or other factors that tend to group us a humans, and we therefore wish to welcome everyone to our church. You can read more about joining our church (in Danish).

Our churches in Løsning and Korning are a part of the national Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, also referred to as the Peoples Church of Denmark. This means that we are a Protestant Evangelical church in the Lutheran tradition. Our Sunday service of worship (gudstjeneste in Danish) is traditional in many ways with a rich liturgy, but also involving the members of the congregation. We currently only have services in Danish, but we are frequently considering the need to translation as more people of different nationalities join the Sunday service. If you want to hear more about participating in the Sunday service, being a part of the congregation or even being baptized, you can contact one of our two pastors: Filip Torp Kildeholm and Sune Skarsholm or Else Laursen, who is in charge of the church office.

Open doors to the church

Being a part of Peoples Church of Denmark also means that our church office is responsible for handling civil registration and when somebody wants to change their name. We also take care of funerals and maintaining the cemeteries – feel free to contact us for any question. You can read more in English about Life in Denmark in general.

In Løsning Church we have a number Bible translations in many different languages. You are free to borrow one of these, just contact the church office.

In Løsning we also have a cross-culture fellowship who meet for social events in Løsning Missionshus. You can read more on their Facebook page or contact the church office to learn more.